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Experience and passion

Much treasured experience, many projects carried out, much effort to execute them, many trips,a lot of passion delivered, many types of people with whom we finally COLLABORATE. Hence the name of this company, which seeks NOBLE honest professional relationships that become the basis of trust so that they can become lasting relationships and in many cases exceed the customer / supplier line and become great friends and almost family.


Technological Consulting

Communications Central and integration with MS Teams, WebRTC Video Communications Platform (Video Assistance), CallCenter Platform for WhatsApp, IoT (Smart Cities, Location, Smart Hotels, Agriculture), Vulnerable People Monitoring, Multidisciplinary Technology Project Management (PM).

Business Development and Internationalization

Business Development and Internationalization Service for companies: With great experience in North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America and European markets.

Sale and rental properties

Accommodation search service for purchase or rent throughout Spain and Portugal

Property search buy/invest

Experts in ranking available properties to find homes that meet your needs.

Success Stories

We thank all our clients who have placed their trust in us and that together we have been able to achieve interesting professional successes. Next, we expose different success stories achieved together with our clients from different sectors.

Clients in Spain

Abertis BCN, a world leader in toll road management, is present in 12 countries in Europe and America.

Clients in Portugal

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia PT is the national public body to support research in science, technology and innovation in all areas of knowledge.

Private clients in México

Ballesol Querétaro, the first residence for the elderly to be located in the city with the same name.

Clients with Spanish Public Administration

The Spanish Army is the land branch of the Spanish Armed Forces, one of the oldest active armies in the world.

Public administration in Puerto Rico

AEELA, a private institution that encourages savings and offers financial services and a series of benefits to public employees, government pensioners and their families.

Clients with public administration in Costa Rica

Judicial Branch of Costa Rica. Its purpose is to ensure the independence, efficiency, correctness and decorum of the courts and to guarantee the benefits of the judicial career.

Clients in private companies of the USA

VW USA. It is the operational headquarters for North America and a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group of German automobile companies.

Carrier client in Nicaragua

Telefónica Nicaragua, a leading telecommunications company. It offers the means to facilitate communication between people.

Customer operator in the Dominican Republic

Altice is a provider of telecommunications services in the Dominican Republic.


As a technology consultant, I am in charge of helping companies define their strategy and improve their business model. Depending on your needs, I can help you implement different strategies to accompany you in managing change or digital transformation, for example.


Como consultor tecnológico, me encargo de ayudar a las empresas a definir su estrategia y mejorar su modelo de negocio. En función de sus necesidades, puedo ayudarte a implementar diferentes estrategias para acompañarte en la gestión del cambio o transformación digital, por ejemplo.

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